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Thursday, January 24, 2013

As of Today...

Note: this has been written very fast. Sorry for any mistakes!

On Tuesday we got word that Mack's platelet count had dropped another 10,000 over the weekend. We immediately ran home to pack everyone up-not knowing how long we were going to be gone. Wednesday morning we had an appointment with a new doctor. A hematology doctor.

When we arrived our nerves were spiked because the hematology department is with the oncology department...our thoughts were they're about to tell us it's cancer!

Because we have been drawing blood every week, they had noticed a drop in his platelets but not significant-until these past few weeks. Right away the doctor had an idea of what was going on (and our amazing friend meagan) Evidentially, there is something called hepatitis associated aplastic anemia...what!?!

In these very rare cases-they have had about five in twenty years-their bodies attack the liver first (his is fine now) and then about two months later it attacks the bone marrow.

For us this was kind of a let down. After two and a half months, we finally had some kind of idea what was going on. It wasn't something untreatable! But had we not had such amazing doctors surrounding could have been fatal.

They gave him a platelet transfusion. His room wasn't ready so he had to do it in a room with other kids getting treatments. That was hard to see! But Mack slept through it all-in my lap, and I loved every second of getting to hold him.

Yesterday was a bone marrow biopsy. Not a pleasant thing for Mack! He woke up in a rage, but after some pain medicine he calmed down and finally fell asleep last night around nine. Avery and Lincoln have also been brought into this. My mom, mark's mom and mark brought them up last night to draw blood. Avery was VERY mad!!! Now we wait to see if they're a match. It's not a for sure thing-a bone marrow transplant is a very big deal and requires a lot of time in the hospital and puts two of our kids under.

We might be able to try medicine first. He most likely will have to have a port put in. Hopefully that will be later and we can can go home for a few days! Life in the hospital is NO fun and very hard with two other ones who need parents as well.

Right now it's all about's the collection of information period. We might not have a plan until the end of next week. Everyone pray for us to be able and use medicine. A transplant would be hard on him!

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