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Friday, January 6, 2012

Potty Training Part 2

We started to "potty" train Avery in the beginning of December.  It has been very relaxed because she just turned 2 at the end of August, so we didn't want to ruin our chances.  Over the holidays, Mark and I were thinking about how lazy we have been with training her-how easy it is to put her in a pull up when we go out of the house.  We know that is not going to move us along because she doesn't tell us when she has to go, but with Mack and being pregnant I really didn't have the energy.  She does great when we are at home and she is in her "undies".

Yesterday, I started to look on-line because everyone talks about potty training in a day.  Yes I looked at the Dr. Phil idea about the the baby who pees in the potty.  Then I realized: first-we have only been training for a few weeks and we were not really serious about it.  Second-she isn't even 2 1/2 yet and third-she doesn't have any trouble going on the potty (pee or poop).  With looking at the information we realized we just need to step it up! 

This past week we decided to take her out with no pull up on with the intentions of reminding her to go to the potty.  She does great.  At first she would be working on something and start to go and stop herself while running to the bathroom, but now she screams "PEEEEEE" and we always think she has already gone.  Not the case, she is holding it until she gets in there.  At the end of February she will be 2 1/2 and I think she is doing an amazing job right now.  It saves so much on the laundry of diapers!

My point of writing this is you have to know your child and when they are ready.  I am sure the whole potty training in a day works, but know there will be accidents.  I was just assuming she would be done in a weekend, but there are still times where she has accidents and a lot more times that she needs reminders-not to mention an M & M here and there:)

As I am writing this she just looked at me while pulling off her PJ's to go potty!  We are headed in the right direction and hope to stop being lazy.  We also hope it continues when baby #3 gets here...

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