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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Our First Day with Snow

From living in the north most of my life snow days were pretty rare.  When we lived in Minnesota the only time we would get out of school was because of the cold!  So when the weather people called for snow yesterday I figured it would be light and we would go along with our business (minus my husband who has to be out in it-he owns a snow pushing company).  Not today!  I woke up early and turned on the T.V. to see that we had no school.  Since I don't work full time this year-missing a day is a little different now.  There is so much to do!  I put that aside and figured I could make it up tomorrow, so today was a day to play!

They loved looking outside and seeing all the snow:

Then we made a feast!  Scambled eggs, pancakes, and turkey sausage.

After a major explosion of bathroom issue,s I decided to throw them into the bath and play with some new toys-this required new PJ's.  The wind is really cold today making it about 4 degrees outside, so I figured we would have more fun with the snow inside...
They loved it! 

Such an explorer.
To end our morning we had snow slushies.
We hope others were able to have some fun on this random snow day.

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