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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Because She is the Only Girl!

Yes, I know Avery is only two years old, but if she is going to be our only girl-I am going to live it up! 

Nanny's birthday was last week and because I am always searching for gift ideas beyond the objects-we decided a girls day out was in order!  She raised all boys so we thought this would be great for her memories and a great bonding experience with Avery.

We started talking to her about our day with Nanny on Friday-she was very excited and talked about it all weekend.  Even though we were still going to St. Louis Friday through Sat.-she held on to the idea.  In St. Louis she talked about getting her toes done (and seeing Elmo, which is this Tuesday) to Mum and Papa.  We had a great time hanging with cousins, Aunt Sarah, Uncle Brent, and Grandma and Papa!  It was great to be included in a fun night with family!  I forgot to get my camera out so I only have a few pictures from STL.

After a crazy couple of days (Mark moved all our furniture around the house and moved in the new furniture by himself-I am still trying to figure out HOW he did it) the kids were exhausted!  When Mark got Avery up on Sunday morning her first words were, "toes purple!" She was obviously  thinking of this while she slept. 

Here she is ready to walk out the door with mommy!

We started at Panera where we all had breakfast!
Then, after we realized all the salons were closed on Sunday, we found one that opened at noon.  So to kill time we did some shopping!  Avery was a trooper and loved looking at stuff for her new baby brother and her new baby girl cousin.
After all the build up, she didn't want her toes done.  Instead she sat on my lap and had a snack while watching very intently as they worked on Jane and myself.  I think she will warm up to the idea.
She did however want her finger nails done!  This was easy and she got purple nails (we all got purple nails thanks to Avery).

If Mark and I are done having babies, then I am going to embrace everything I can do with our only girl!  It was fun to share the day with someone who didn't have that! 

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