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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Is This a Must Have?

I am considering this stroller...we already have two umbrella strollers, the big Graco stroller that matches our car seat, the Graco base stroller that just holds the car seat, and our double seater BOB.  I could sell the BOB for it's value (that was the only reason I bought it-because you can get your money back), but I feel like we will still want to use it every once in a while.  This new stroller can hold the car seat up front, Mack in the middle and Avery on the back (which I think she would like).  This would be the only way I could manage all three of them alone and have them contained.  The reviews are great for the price, but man it's a big purchase...

I guess I have some time to think about it, but opinions are accepted here!!!!  On a side note our third crib is arriving on the 18th-at least we will have one thing ready for this baby.  We are also buckling down every weekend to get the house ready-this weekend is buying a new closet organizer for our room.  This way we add value to the house and make more room for the kids stuff!  Pictures will follow.


  1. This post made me smile, since my husband and I were just talking about 5 minutes ago about where and how and what we would need for our third child. What will the age differences be with your new addition?

  2. They will all be under 2 1/2. At least this one will be 18 months younger than my middle child ...crazy I know.

  3. No not crazy. We think that we only want 3 children and with the first two so close in age, I don't want their to be a big gap with the next. So I get it. There are just a lot of logistics to figure out like strollers.

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