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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bringing in 2012

This past weekend was New Years.  I wasn't very excited this year due to being pregnant for the third time on New Years so we needed a change of scenery-we headed to the lake.  This time we stayed with the Watson family at their lake home.  It had been about a year or so since we got to stay there, so everything was new and fresh to the kiddos.  We came on Saturday morning and the weather was amazing-I mean 60 degrees at the end of December?  We took a little walk up the street (until Avery wanted to be carried) and then headed down by the water to look for ducks.

Here is the only kind of family photo we could get.
Then we sat out on the deck and let them run around...
Of course now she is smiling!

Mack was throwing the ball for Cooper
Drinking out of water bottles are a huge hit right now!

This is what Mack does when he is excited now-it's pretty funny.

Then Nanny came back from the store with a plethora of goodies-some being these blowers, hats, and poppers.
They were pretty entertained in these chairs and then Nanny gave them rides around the deck

Here are the hats...

Nanny also got this new table for them and they spent a lot of time working, eating, and watching movies at this table.

Overall, it was nice to get away-I was able to nap with the kids because I didn't have anything to worry about!  We thank Nanny and Papa H. for letting us have a relaxing weekend-it helps to have extra hands right now as I enter the last bit of pregnancy.  We came back ready to start the planning for baby three. 

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