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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Are You Thinking of Having a Monster Bash?

Some might not think of Monsters as "cute" for a kids birthday or as my friend said, "I don't think I could do that-my girls need princesses!" Well, when you have a boy and girl that are a year and four days apart, it is difficult to have two separate parties (for now). So, this year we decided to have the party at the lake with just family and a few close friends and Monsters was our theme! I realized fast Monsters are really cute. The invitations were ordered on Tiny Prints-they amazed me and then I had my family jumping in to help. My major stress was making the cakes...
The night before I was stressing and stayed up until 11:30 making four boxes of cake mixes (with the help of my mom and cousin Katy). Some were cupcakes and the other were put into cake forms (one was from the Pampered Chef glass mixing bowl and another was two halves of a circle-baseball). They didn't turn out very pretty! Then the next day we all worked together with my sister-in-law to decorate.
We made 2 double batches of butter cream frosting

Then we used different plastic bags with the frosting. Each bag had a fun tip to get different forms of frosting
Here are the cupcakes I found online. I used sour candy for the tongue, gummy o's wrapped around Dum Dum suckers, M&M's glued with frosting and a red hot for the nose.What is a party without a pinatas? These came from Target.
A close up...
Here is the creator! She did all the cakes!
Here is Avery's cake
Here is Mack's cake
They love the rockers!
Playing in the cooler with Nanny
All the cousins were there! Here is our newest addition Gretta!
I am not sure if Avery was trying to feed hers or beat it with this little shovel...
Fun candy!
Uncle Jack has his baby!
The final product

Avery was so proper about eating hers

Mack...not so much!
They have such an amazing family!
The next day we took it easy and Avery and Daddy fed the fish
Then we had alone time
...and at home their dad put together Avery's kitchen-it is a HUGE hit!

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