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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Why Hello Camera!

It's so easy to carry my phone around as my camera, but I LOVE my camera.  Today I pulled it out to see what was on it.  There were some great pictures of our adventures...mostly here at the house because I don't bring it out with us.  I need to do a better job of that-there is a big difference in the quality of pictures.

After our initial kick off to summer, we have settled into a good routine of catching up with friends.  It was my nieces 1st birthday and we got to spend the morning with her at the park playing and having a picnic.

 Then we had Elenore and Baby Freddy over for some messy time.  It was super messy and then it rained on us to make it even more messy!  They didn't care!

 We've also had some special visitors.  Nanny and Papa H. came out to join us for pizza Friday.  Lincoln enjoyed the extra snuggles!

So far there hasn't been much quiet time around here and I'm glad to have my kids be social for the summer.  They need this interaction with other kids.

Mack is doing well.  He is going on three weeks without any platelets and four weeks without blood.  His platelets are pretty low, but they're going to let us wait until next week, so until then we need to keep a close eye on him.  It's nice to not go get transfusions, but it's hard to watch his every move.  He is a rough little boy!!!!

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