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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Why Do I Complain?

I have always lived by a big city growing up.  When I came to Columbia, I never expected this small town to be my permanent home.  Now after 11 years of living here, it's time to call it my home and embrace its wonderful attributes.

I'm always complaining there is nothing to do here in Columbia.  Whenever we go to St. Louis, I want to move there!!!

There are so many beautiful things to do with kids in big cities.  But, we all know moving is probably a big stretch or something that will happen later in life.

Since excepting this, we have been getting out more here in our town.  The bikes have helped get us on these amazing bike trails-I can't believe it's here in Missouri.

Usually we travel on the weekends, but the past few times we have stayed in town-it's been nice to discover what's around us.  

This weekend, we attended a fun activity at the Children's Hospital.  It's where it all started with Mack.  They had a safe kids event-there were firefighters, police officers, a bounce house, baby ducks, plants to plant, and much more! Plus our good friend orchestrated the whole thing and it was nice to support her!

 A bounce house...huh what a great idea for a kid with low platelets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  UGG!!!! It was pretty nerve wrecking, but we couldn't tell him no-we just watched like hawks!

 We went home for naps and then at about 3:30 headed to the bike trail.  We rode 6 miles one way-it was fast with so many people.  Papa H., our two friends and their two kids joined us on our journey.  How nice to have lots of people to talk to?

 It was on the Missouri river. Wow!  There were cliff tops you couldn't see the tops-they were so high!  Then this crazy hole in the wall, hippy, camp site was our stopping point.  Lucky us!  What a sight it was.  Then they started up the music and the kids danced!

This is something we have to do again-hopefully adding more to our group!  I even found out it's only a 7 mile bike ride to the winery-hum...sounds like something with adults!!!
My point is, no matter where you live, there is so much to see if you except it.  Yes, big cities are fun and full of culture, but there isn't anything like what we saw on this bike ride!!!!

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