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Monday, June 10, 2013

The New Norm For the Summer

My kids have two cousins here in town.  Like I had said in an earlier post, during the past few months they haven't seen each other very much, but that is not the case anymore!  They have been reunited almost everyday since school has been out.  There's nothing like spending time with them!
 We have been to the pool with them (even though it hasn't been warm enough to be at the pool)

 Then we had them out to our house for a BBQ and of course they had to roast some marshmellows!

 What a cute bunch of kids.  They get so excited to see one another.  We went to the park on Friday and they kept waiting to see their cousins, even though I told them they weren't coming.  It's going to be great to be at the pool this summer together.
Now, we just need it to warm up a little bit to get them to the pool.  The one day we went Mack was able to play with his trucks and get his legs in the water.  He might be able to go with us most days until he gets sick of not being able to get all the way in.

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