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Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Happy Happy

Mack and I drove to St. Louis after work on Tuesday for his weekly appointment.  We decided to break the trip up a little bit.  That way he wasn't in the car for four hours (plus the time spent sitting at the appointment).  It was fun to have alone time and to be with just one kid.  My mom has my brother's kids on Tuesdays, so when we got there we were greeted by lots of people.  It was a fun evening and very relaxing.  Mack is a totally different child when he is alone and loved having his cousins all to himself-and Mum and Papa.

He is so different than Avery when it comes to being without me.  He wants to go to other people.  When I got out of the shower on Wednesday morning he had run out of the room and was sitting in my mom's lap.  I love that!  It's great to see him form these bonds.

After a quick breakfast we were off to his appointment.  There the doctor said he was still very hopeful about Mack and his progress...we were starting to worry a lot.  My friend Meagan came to the appointment so I had extra ears and someone to explain things to me.  She is also great at supporting us and loving Mack! 

Dr. Wilson said the first sign that his treatment is working is the white blood cells rising (again, you can't get more white cells).  He said that he didn't want to give us a time frame because he didn't want to freak us out, but because we are getting further out he said about three months is when we reassess a bone marrow transplant.  Dr. Wilson also told us once his levels become normal we can expect to be on the medicine for another year, but after that he would be a normal little boy.  That is mind boggling.  Only 20% of people who have had this treatment have it come back and none have been our doctors patients.

Mark and I kept thinking a bone marrow transplant was where we were headed because we haven't had ANY good news in months.

After the appointment we were sent back in the transfusion room to play while we waited for his blood results.  First they gave me his platelet number and I wasn't surprised when they weren't great, because again, that's what we're used to.

Then...the nurse came back and told us his ANC went from 180 to 1,160!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was in SHOCK!  How is that possible?

Well, like the doctor told us, his white count would go first.  If he stays in this range for two more weeks (I'm waiting for today's results now-and it just came in at 1,518-up it went again:):)) we can get off one of the medications.

I (we) finally have hope.  I have finally been able to cry happy tears!  This is the most amazing thing and proves miracles do happen.  He is a miracle!

This is at the hospital in Columbia-Avery got to come play with him
This is one happy boy!  So are his parents!

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