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Friday, October 19, 2012

What Else Do You Do On a Cold Day?

Today was a cold, rainy day. We are leaving later this afternoon to attend a Cardinal playoff game and take family pictures-which equals early naps. 

I noticed at school Avery really enjoyed painting glue on objects and sticking them onto things.  So I looked up how to make homemade glue.  It's SO easy that I had to share...
Ready to help!

You need a glass jar...

flour, salt and water.

Bring water and salt to a boil and then put ten pinches of flour into pot-whisking the whole time.

Then added it to the jar and placed into refrigerator to cool.

While the glue was cooling we bundled up and went on a search for leaves-since we have been working with leaves and they would be easy to paint.

 This activity was perfect for both kids.  Av loved to take her time adding detail to each leaf and Mack loved painting the glue on everything.  The pictures are cool and will be displayed in our home.  Just had to share this one-it lasted for over an hour (that is why I am able to blog)!  That's huge on days we can't go outside all morning.'s time to gear up for the CARDS GAME!!!!!!  I am teaching them to say, "here we go Cardinals, here we go, whoot whoo!"  Avery said she needs more Cardinal things in her room-that's our girl!

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