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Friday, October 12, 2012

A Day Being a Princess?!?

Mark, Avery and myself are in two weddings this month! One was last weekend and Avery was a flower girl. This was perfect because she was excited to be a princess in her princess dress. It was our really good (great) friend's wedding and Avery was part of the whole thing. On Thursday, we both went and got our nails done-love having a girl I can do this with.
She was a trooper and helped get her flowers ready for the wedding.  Then she let our friend do her hair.  She sat the entire time and loved it!

Then we headed for the event where she had to perform without a nap.  She didn't go down when she was supposed to, but she went down right after me and yelled, "now mommy?" and threw all her petals out as she walked.

Granted, she was treated to a lot of treats, but she did amazing!  She keeps talking about being in her princess dress.  Lucky her, she gets to do it a few weeks at her Aunt and Uncles wedding!

Congratulations Celine and Mike-we love you!!!

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