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Monday, June 18, 2012

Spray Yard-A Summer Delight

The heat has been kicking here in Missouri and we have been on the go!  We have had play dates and found fun things to do around town.  One place I have been wanting to try now that they are a little older is the spray yard at Stephens Lake.  Last year they were still pretty small and scared of the water.  This year they are warming up to them.  Last week was our second trip and Nanny, Aunt Heidi, Cohan and Ireland joined us.  We played and then had lunch.
Avery has so much love for Cohan

Not sure about this hand ALWAYS in her mouth!

Ireland (only two weeks old) and Lincoln were can't see little Ireland! 

Nanny and MeMe  (our nanny-I know confusing)

Can't wait to explore more this summer with their cousins!

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