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Monday, June 11, 2012

A Letter To Our Three Babies

Dear Avery, Macklin, and Lincoln,

I felt the need to write this letter directly to you in hope when you get older you can read this and remember the weekend we just had together.  This blog is for you-to document your lives and maybe even help you remember some of the events that have happened.  You three have changed our lives and made it better than dad and I could ever imagine.  There are times when we look at each other and can't believe in a matter of (almost) five years we have three perfect babies!  How could we be that lucky?  Our lives are and probably will always be busy, but that doesn't mean we don't stop what we are doing and embrace the moment.  This summer is all about the three of you-I am focusing my attention on you and letting the small stuff go!  With that being said, we decided to go to the lake with just our family of five.  It was the best weekend so far for dad and I!  We had no worries and spent the entire weekend having fun.  That is the way we want our lives to be... FUN!  Let me take you on a journey of our weekend, so when you look back through this blog you can print this time in your little book of memories...




 We drove down on Friday afternoon and you were all excited to go.  When we got there we tried a new pizza place with Nanny-to continue our pizza Friday tradition. 
 When we woke up, we were all relaxing around the house and casually made breakfast.  Then, we headed over to Nanny's house to swim in their pool.  It was Lincoln's first time to swim and...
 He was NOT a fan of the freezing cold water!!!!!!
 But you two were!!!
 Mack, this is one of my most favorite pictures of you.  You are such a ham now with the camera.
 Lincoln, you were too tired to care anymore, but you enjoyed a snooze pool side.
 As much as I didn't want to (because I've had three babies and it was really cold) I got in to be with you!

 Mack, you had no fear.  We were working on blowing bubbles-it was pretty funny to us!
 Nanny got in and swam the most with you both. 
 Do you notice the hat?  It only stayed on for a few seconds, but I love this picture too.

 Look what princess (that is what you demand to be called) Avery got...a canoe!
We had to get you out of the pool to eat some lunch.  Of course Nanny had tons of food and fun treats for you.

After naps you headed out to the garage where your bikes await you.  This is such a fun place to ride bikes and you two have fun together.

 We contemplated going out to dinner, but I'm glad we stayed home and grilled our dinner.  You all played and then set up the table outside...oh and we also danced, but there are no pictures of that because we were all too busy!

 Daddy shared his passion for looking out on the lake with you.  You all loved to find BIG boats.
 We also found a new hot spot for the two of you (and Lincoln next year)- Miner Mikes.  Avery, you were all over the place climbing by yourself with other kids!  Mack you will be there next year when you get a little bigger, but for now mommy and daddy climbed everywhere with you!

 I loved these Nerf guns!!!

Of course the end of our trip had to come and we headed home later Sunday evening.  This entailed McDonald's in your chairs! 

I hope these pictures captured our trip and we thank Mum and Papa for letting us use their house and of course Nanny for letting us swim in her pool!  My hope is you will begin to remember these times as you get older and no matter how busy we get, we need to remember US being together.  I love you three more than anything (didn't even know it was possible!)!  Now it's off this blog to wake you all up (at 8:30!) on this raining Monday morning.  I think it might be a pajama day!!



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