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Friday, June 22, 2012

An Avery Day

We joined Avery's cousin and another friend at the movies-they have dollar movie days for kids. The theater was playing Kung Fu Panda 2...we made it for over an hour, but had to leave because of dance class. She did great (once we went to the bathroom twice!) she sat and ate her popcorn and snacks.  I only had my phone for the pictures, but here she is enjoying her time.

Next time I might try Mack, but I'm not sure if he will sit all the way through.  Then it was off to dance class!  The picture below is from the first week:

We had some make up sessions from Little Gym and used them towards dance class...and she HATED it!  There are no pictures from this week because she never once stopped crying.  Not just a whimper, a full blown break down.  I tried to leave the room for a little while, but it made me almost start crying hearing the screeches!!  All the other little girls were listening to the teachers and Avery was standing (with her back to them) crying.  I went back in and tried to put her down and there was no way she was doing anything.  The owner came in and invited her to another class where she was much more comfortable.  Needless to say, we will not be participating in dance from now on.  I am not going to be a parent that pushes her to do things she doesn't want to do.  We tried it (and will try it when she's older) and she didn't like it.  Next class is swim classes-I will be teaching them so her and Mack have a great time!

I love my Avery days!

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