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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bye Bye My Little Beast!

For Christmas this past year Mum and Papa (thank you, thank you, thank you!) bought Avery and Mack a session at Little Gym! This was perfect because there is only so many toys to buy...and it lasted for 20 WEEKS!!! It was great to have this every Wednesday when the weather was bad and when Lincoln was born-it was their time to get out and explore.

 Little Gym was beneficial for both kids, but it changed Avery.  She is much more confident and willing to try new things.  When we started they both ran around wild and wouldn't sit through any kind of circle, but after about four weeks they knew the routine and followed instructions from Ms. Sheila.  We all see a difference in our little beast (the name of their class)!

We started off every class in a circle and then they get their Cha Chas-Mack LOVES this part and runs to get his!

After the warm up the kids have a time where they try something new-Avery had to hop on each circle and then do a somersault.  She loves to show off now (total opposite from before).
 A balance beam act was up next.

Then they have free time!

Mark's friend from high school has twins and they are a part of it too-they are a month older than Mack.  Billie (their mom) and I share these times together as well as other play dates.  Here they are with their buddies.
Since Lincoln was born Nanny has stepped in to help me.  I couldn't do this by myself with these two.  They need/deserve one on one time!

 Bubbles are so fun...who knew!?!

Mack and Josie
At the end they have to sit on the wall to get stamps.  These two get excited about it before the time.
Today was their last day-they got a certificate and a ribbon.  It was exciting to them!

This was their class, but over half were missing today-it was sad to not say goodbye to them!  Mark even made it!

Bye Bye My Little Beast-Hopefully we can do it again!!!

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