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Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Perfect Little Day

One thing I hate about reading Facebook and some blogs, is that people write about a perfect life.  No life is perfect and ours is far from it-Mack is screaming and throwing his food as I write this.  But I am not going to lie, today was one of those perfect days. 

Mark and I are trying to run three times a week for now.  That leaves us with one of our runs with the kids.  Today we took them all to the park and ran with them in the strollers-then we found a private area and had a picnic.  While I fed Lincoln the rest of the family ran around having a blast.  No one had any break downs and Avery and Mack played together very nice.  We also came across a dog event-not sure exactly what it was for, but they got to play with puppies!

Of course I didn't have my camera, but I took a few with my phone.  This all happened at my favorite place in Columbia-Stephens Park.  They have many many acres and the perfect running path for us.  Plus there are multiple play areas for the kids to play.

 He loved the fresh air!
 We asked if they thought they could get their arms around the tree.

Then Mark taught them how to play tag-I have never seen them run so fast for so long!

This just reminds me of how much fun the five of us are going to have and there are perfect days here and there!

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