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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


All week we tried to build up the Easter Bunny for Avery and Mack, but when the time wasn't pretty! We went to brunch on Saturday and a lady introduced the bunny. Avery turned around with such excitement! But that quickly disappeared when she saw that six foot massive furry beast. We all know they aren't supposed to look like that and Avery agreed. Suddenly, the entire place was silenced by the terrified screams of a 2 year old. I have never seen anything like it. I was in between crying and laughing because she was literally shaking and wouldn't make any eye contact with this strange creature. Mack was a little hesitant, but surly didn't react like Avery. From then on it was "No Hop Hop!" We would say the Easter Bunny is going to come leave presents..."No Hop Hop?!" So like last year we focused on the true meaning of Easter and told her mom and dad bought them gifts in celebration of our Jesus Christ!

Our weekend started on Friday when Nanny and Cohan came by for a visit.
Nanny brought over their Easter baskets

Then we drove to the lake to meet up with my family.  We had pizza from our favorite place and settled in for our big holiday weekend.  Saturday we all dressed up for brunch and an Easter Egg Hunt.

They started to get the idea...

Here we are trying to hide her from "The Thing".

After all that work it was a much needed bath night!
We also decorated eggs.  Mack wanted to eat them (and he did) and Avery didn't like getting her hands dirty.
When they went to bed I was so excited to prepare their baskets.  Mark and Aunt Sarah stuffed all the eggs for our own egg hunt.  The morning was full of excitement.

Then we headed to church.  We have found this tiny Church down at the lake-I mean tiny.  They don't have children in the congregation so they were loving all six of ours!  A nice lady invited them down stairs for their own church-they just got it started.  Avery sat the whole time with us, but Mack went with Uncle Brent and played.  He sat the whole time the lady gave a lesson!

We can try...I love Avery's face when looking at her brothers!

Then the hunt began.  By this time they knew what to do and there was no hop hop to interfere!

I can't believe we got this shot!  This will be a great gift idea.

What a beautiful weekend!

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  1. Looks like you had s beautiful Easter! I love the, "No hop hop!!"