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Monday, April 2, 2012

Here We Go Go Go Go On An Adventure

Avery has a favorite show right now-it's "At in the At" (Cat in the Hat) and the theme song starts as; Here we go go go on an adventure... This has become our theme song as a family!

Since I have been on maturnity leave we have been hanging around the house, so when spring break came it didn't seem much different. I wanted it to special for the kids and give them something different to look forward to.  We packed up on Wednesday and Mark drove us half way to St. Louis then my dad drove us the rest of the way. I love coming home!  Even after getting married and having kids.  I love walking in and have yummy food everywhere (homemade chicken pot pie was waiting) and I love the feeling it brings!

 Oh man was it an adventure below is our journey:
Thursday my mom and I took them to the science center.  There is a discovery room just for kids their age.  They had a blast!  I had to leave in the middle of it to feed Lincoln, but my mom said they didn't want to leave.  Thankfully she has lots of energy to help with these two.
Thursday night Avery fell off a bench right onto her off on an adventure we the ER!  That was not fun and we spent about three hours there bringing us back home at two in the morning.  My mom went with us and my dad held down the fort with the boys.  I left him with no bottles so he did a great job holding Lincoln for an hour until we got home.  I wasn't sure we would be able to do anything on Friday because of being tired.  We had plans with my cousin Abra and I was going to cancel, but I am glad I didn't!  It was the best thing for Avery and Mack because they got to play and have a blast and I had sanity by socializing with my cousin.

On top of everything else it was just plan old snuggly time with the family.  Mack has really attached to my dad and he loved the extra time being held.  Below is him after a rough nap: 
Then Mack wanted to snuggle with Avery while she slept (her and I took a nap on the floor-I love snuggling with her)
That night Mark came into town.  My brother and his three girls came over so we had dinner together plus some time in PJ's.

Our next adventure was to the St. Louis Zoo.  This place is wonderful and it was the first time I walked that much since my surgery.  They saw lots of animals and rode on the carousel twice.  Then they got to brush the goats.  Mack wanted to feed them rocks!

Then Saturday night was spent at our favorite place-Rigazzi's on The Hill.  It's kid friendly and has fish bowl beers for the adults.  We celebrated my neice's 7th birthday!  I can't believe she is that old.
These two are only six months apart and are very interested in each other.
After dinner was Ted Drews!  The best ice cream-pretty sure Avery and Mack thought so too.

What an adventure it was and they did great.  So great we are even attempting another outing to the lake next weekend for Easter.  I am proud of Mark and I for being able to still do things with three.  I am pretty sure it's because of the super amazing help we had-thank you mom and dad-you made our adventure one to remember!

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