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Friday, December 2, 2011

Guess Who is Potty Training?

I am not going to lie-potty training was something I was not ready to take on.  Our lives are busy enough:), but Avery has been very persistent in this progress.  We have got to the point where she is cheering and giving high fives to Mark and I when we go in the "potty".  This summer I bought one to just have around and Avery loved to just sit on it when we would go, but this weekend we hit it hard. 

My sister-in-law is an expert and told us to just go with no diaper for a weekend and let it happen.  That is exactly what we did (minus naps and night time).  So Avery is hanging around our house with no pants on and knee high socks (to stay warm).  She is doing a great job and our next step is leaving the house.  There are a lot of reminders right now, but when she is on the potty there are no delays-she even takes in a book (I will get pictures of that and keep them for the future)! 

I know this is an exciting time, but I feel like because she is the oldest we are moving her along too fast.  I don't want her to get any bigger!  She is so little and I remind myself that she has only had two years of life.  We are defiantly NOT tackling the big girl bed for awhile-why ruin a good thing right?

This is what happens when Mack and Avery are alone in the bathroom!  We have a place downstairs and upstairs, so there are no delays!
She is very proud and so are we!

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