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Friday, December 23, 2011

Do You Have a Lot of Wine Corks?

Once again we got to re-visit our trip to Italy!  My family saves a lot of wine corks and at one time my sister-in-law, Heidi, and I made things such as cork boards with them.  We had always wanted to make trivets as well so when I saw all of our corks from our trip I snatched them up with the intentions of making something.  Through Pinterest (which has so many ideas for corks) I found the idea of coasters.  Our problem was figuring out how to make them flat enough-that's when my very handy husband stepped in!  He has a band saw and cut them all in half...
I was going to hot glue them together and then put some felt on the bottom, but again Mark found some wood that he could cut into even squares.  Then he hot glues felt on the bottom.

At this point this was his project...he was able to make sure they were centered by drawing an even line down the middle.

He created a variety of patterns and made them look amazing.  There were nine total-one being our mess up so my parents will get 8 wine cork coasters to remind them of our wonderful trip!

I was impressed with the amount of corks that were collected over a two week vacation.  We had a lot of the corks below because this wine was from the hardware store at the bottom of our mountain.  You would take your jug down there and have them filled and corked-it was an experience!
We know this will be a meaningful gift for the holidays (we have asked both sets of parents to not look at this blog until after the holidays).

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