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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuscany, Florence, and More...

Avery's new obsession with babies is perfect for her new cousin Gretta!


This was at the end of the day...

We have finally adjusted to the time change and the rest of our lugguage arrived-Mark is very happy about that. We have spent our time eating and laying out by the pool, but yesterday we went to Florence (without the 3 little ones). It was amazing to see the David and orginal paintings/sculptures from Michelangelo and many more amazing artists. It makes a differnce to see these in person-not in the books! Our tour guide was great at English and had an art history major, so he was able to give us amazing background knowledge about all the buildings and art.

I really do life was as simple as it seems over here. Did you know that at 12:00-3:30 everyone gets a lunch break and whatever else? We need that in the U.S!

I tried to post more... but internet slows down when it rains...and it started back up!

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  1. Looks awesome Beth!! I lived in Florence for 3 months right by the Arno - isn't it incredible? Have a blast and post more pics!!