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Friday, June 24, 2011

In the Meantime

My post from our trip is taking a while to finish, so in the meantime I will post what has happend since we've been back.

We have been on many adventures! Today we met some friends at Stephens Lake to play in the fountains. We ended up leaving because a kid decided it was fun to put his foot on the sprayer and spray my kids as well as others-it was pretty scary for me and much more for the kids. Can't believe some parents! They were both too scared after that, so Miss Mallory and I headed them to the park area and met some other friends.

Yesterday we went to the Katy Trail so mom could run and then headed to a different park. I didn't bring my camera:(

We also had Hiram and Jane over for dinner-I was ready to have visitors after no naps that day!

The other adventures have been at home! They like it best there. It has been rough getting them back to our routine-plus Mack has 5 new teeth (4 of which arrived on the trip). Mom (me) has been busy getting the house and clothes back together and the kids have had a lot of fun staying in their pj's and hanging out.

I am loving being at home with them! I forgot how great it is. I am also thankful for the help I am getting from Miss Mallory! There is no way I could do some of things I want to do without her. It is a lot of work to have them this close and now that Mack is going everywhere-it is crazy. Now we can go swimming without fear of one not getting enough attention (or drowning).

Josie and Grace are our friends twins. They are a little over a month older than Mack. It is going to be fun having all 4 so close and we each have a boy and girl

These fountains are so cool!

This was a big project! I was putting her clothes away last night and she found a pack of stickers. I have never seen her so content. She pick each one off and put it on herself
When ever things get rocky-pull out the wagon! It's gold!

Time outside

Mack is everywhere. Here he climbed into the cabinet and then Avery joined him:) haha

I got an apron from Italy and so did my mini me. When I put mine on she wanted hers on too
Avery loves to help-I had just made Mack's food and she was taking them off the counter to bring them to his highchair

Next up...more swim lessons (which I teach), Tumble Bees, free library activities, hopefully lots of family time with cousins and grandparents (at the lake)!

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