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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles...The Watson's Take Italy- Rome and heading home

There is so much to share about our trip, but instead of writing about it, I thought I would let the pictures tell the story. The other post were us there in action and now I have had a few days to organize everything in my head. I still don't think we have all truly comprehended what we just experienced. How could you!?! When people ask us how our trip was-it's easy to say wonderful, but I feel I need to show how wonderful it was.

I only hope we can continue to give our children these experiences (maybe not for two weeks and in Italy), but traveling (even in the U.S) could not be anymore important for children to learn outside of the classroom. I didn't know any Italian (which I am not proud of), but spending 2 weeks somewhere you really learn about another culture, language, and experience things outside your own world.

I am starting backwards-this is us in Rome and then heading home...

Rome in a Day(and not enough time)

This was a church where we started our day. It was perfect because we were able to comprehend how old Rome really is. This is the view from inside the church-as you can see we were below street level. Through the years in Rome there have been floods, earthquakes, and much more so they have built on top of buildings. We went down 60 feet below this church to unfold two more churches on top of each other. A priest was outside digging in the yard and discovered much more than he was expecting. We couldn't take pictures inside.

The three older girls wore these white matching outfits through the city-they are precious.


We wanted to make sure he knew he was there

At the Vatican. I should have taken pictures inside the Sistine Chapel-everyone else was! It was so beautiful, but the people were very disrespectful, so it made us mad.

We had a two story apartment-here is our upper room and the view...Do you know what building that is?'s the Pantheon! Unbelievable!
Here is the front of where my parents stayed and just SOME of our luggage. They couldn't drive the bus up to the hotel so this is how it got transferred.

The bus ride from our hotel to the airport. Mack and Greta sleeping though it once again.
All smiles before it started!

This is Avery getting mad that her warm Chocolate cookie was gone. Right after this she flew out of her seat head first...that is when I asked for the wine to keep coming!

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