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Monday, May 30, 2011

You Can Try

Have you heard of the parents who won't show their child's identity? At first, I thought are you crazy!?! Why not embrace who your child is? Then when you think about it a while, it kind of makes sense-the way society treats your child differently due to the gender (or sex) people do...
We had a discussion about this the other night at a work function (all teachers)-some agreed and some disagreed. I was enlightened by the discussion about the difference between "gender" and "sex". Gender-being female or male and sex-being what they are made of.
I'm not sure about any of this, nor do I have any amazing response, but I do know no matter how you raise your child (at least mine) their personallity plays a role. I offered Avery only trucks (because of her daddy's interest) those were what she played with for the first year of her life. Then one day (during the blizzard) I pulled out my old dolls. I have never seen such excitement in her! She was acting like "Finally! Finally you gave me what I wanted!"
Now that she has discovered her dolls and is treating them like her own babies. She burps them. She feeds them. She changes them. She puts them in their high chairs! She is turning into a little girl and chooses what she WANTS to play with.
Mack was given trucks as well. Now that Avery plays with dolls, he is exposed to them as well. He takes the dolls and beats their heads in and then wants to eat them. Totally different (as stated in many of my other blogs)! He is much more physical toward things. He is turning into a little boy who chooses what he WANTS to play with.
As a parent we give our children many different experiences-toys are important, but sex/gender does come into affect. Who knows what they will become and who cares! We will be happy to have healthy children for the rest of our lives. You can try to change this, but it's not an option-they have a mind of their own!Feeds them...Buckles them in...
This one was buckled in too..
In case you forgot...they need a bib!
This is Macklin sitting on daddy's blue prints and of course eating the markers! is what it is and you can try!

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