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Monday, October 20, 2014

It Went Like This

It started off with cute kiddos getting ready for school...
Then I get word, while teaching a class, that Avery had fallen off the monkey bars. She tends to be dramatic at times and I thought this was one of those times. I said I would take her in ten minutes after my class was over. She seemed fine with that. When I came back to get her, she started to say she was sleepy and wanted to go to bed. This concerned me and the fact the tears were genuine! I had a doctor friend take a look at her and she suggested we go get it checked out. Mark saw right away on the X-rays that it was in fact broken! My poor baby!! 

We have to wait for the real cast, but in the meantime, there is a lot of care going on with this girl! Let me tell you-the guilt went out the door once she realized the attention which goes into this:) she suddenly made the connection to when Mack was super sick. There are a lot of, "I get to this because I broke my arm." I love this is her approach rather than feeling the pain! 
We are a little spoiled with family! She's gotten a teddy bear with balloons from Nanny and Papa H., warm cookies from Uncle Jack and Aunt Meagan, decorations and pins for her sling from her cousins, and extra gooey grilled cheese from Mum!

My first though was to cancel my race in St. Louis. Mark assured me she would be fine and off I went on Saturday. My friend Mary Clair has never run a race and I have only done one. We have enjoyed our training together and had a blast driving to St. Louis for our big half marathon!! We got our packets, had a carb load with my family, and went to bed at 8:30! We were ready! 

Waking up to my dad waiting at the counter was very refreshing. He hasn't done a race in 25 years and I wanted so bad for him to do it with me. We don't train together since he lives away from me, but we did encourage each other by talking about our training. So, seeing him the morning of my race was so (let's face it) AMAZING! He's 62 years old and still pushing himself! I told Avery how lucky she is to have a grandma who plays tennis everyday and a Papa who runs a half marathon! Plus a daddy that can conquer a Tough Mudder(that is a later post)

My last half marathon training was intense.  I followed the program and felt such anxiety.  This time I had anxiety, but was excited!  The atmosphere was inviting and energetic.
We ran past the Fabulous FOX Theater...
and right by my brother and sister-in-law's house.  This let me observe a cheering section with 6 cute kids, my husband, my mom, and my brother and sister-in-law.

Then Sarah and her friend joined me for a "joy run":)  I am thankful for this-I would have walked, but their energy and company challanged me to push on and finish 5 minutes faster than my last time.

Mark got shots of Papa high fiving his grand kids.

Mary Clair came by too!

I finally found my family after the race-there were 14,000 people!

What an amazing feeling!  We then took the kids for lunch and walked over to the circus.  We made it half way through when we realized everyone was just plain exhausted!  

As you can see below:

Mark and I were/are exhausted!  Today my emotions have set in.  Avery has a broken arm!  Sometimes I wish I could just take a mental health day.  Instead I let the kids do this-they are all home enjoying a day with Meme and baby Kalen!  This makes my heart happy!!!!

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