Cleaning and scrubbing will wait ’till tomorrow, but children grow up, as I’ve learned to my sorrow. So quiet down cobwebs! Dust go to sleep! I’m rocking my baby. Babies don’t keep. – Ruth Hamilton

Monday, August 5, 2013

Some Good News

I haven't updated Macklin's progress because there hasn't been much to report. His numbers are stable and have been holding-meaning there haven't been any transfusions.  As parents we were happy-he was steady, but we wanted them to go up.  This would lead us closer to getting his central line out. his platelets went from 25,000 to 30,000!!! His white cells went from 2.3 to 3.05!!!! His hemoglobin went from 8 to 8.4!!!! Today we celebrate!!!!  It's not good, but it's better (or not so shitty). 

Getting his line out won't mean he's better-it will just mean more freedom for Mack. And also more pain for him because he would need his blood taken every week and, if he needed a transfusion it would be through an IV.  So, yes I want it out, but we also want to make sure he's at a good place.  Bottom line....we celebrate!!! Here are some photos from our week. We've been to the lake, at home and tomorrow we head out to St. Louis for his appointment. In the mean time we are going to visit with my cousin, and have a visit from my BFF from high school!!! That's a celebration!!!!

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