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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I Can't Believe It!

The last week has been a little crazy.  Mark had to drive Mack to St. Louis at 11:00 at night because he had a fever.  We thought this was better than trying to go to our local ER and then be sent to St. Louis. 11:00 at night I went upstairs to pack my 2 year old for his ?? visit to the hospital.  He immediately jumps out of bed to pack up his pillowcase and puts in his favorite toys as well as his favorite books.  I was in awe of a 2 year old who had such ease with packing himself up in the middle of the night to go to the hospital.  He told me he hoped he got to have new doctors this time!  What?!?  I am thankful he is this way now, we have many more visits ahead of us and he is making these trips easier.  It still blows my mind.
He received antibiotics and they let us go home.  Mostly because they knew we would bring him back if anything happened. 
Then, we were in the ER on Monday because he was VERY lethargic and screaming/crying his stomach hurt.  We are hoping at this point it was constipation, but his blood pressure was REALLY low.  I'm not sure it gets any easier, but we do have our routine down and are thankful to have such amazing children who help when mommy and daddy have to leave.
Luckily, we had one terrific weekend!  My cousin, his wife and their two children came to visit us.  It was so cool to have my kids hang with their second cousins!  We hung outside all night-too late!  The kids finally snuggled up for a movie night.
Since Mack has been sick, we have said no to any help from other people-which is why our friends did a fundraiser for us without us knowing!  We were so thankful and couldn't ask for more. Then, one day, while the kids were napping our friends came by and asked if they could honor Mack at their annual golf tournament.  We immediately said no, but as time has gone on we do see the benefit of help for Mack.  Maybe not now, but Mack will always have to have a doctor for the rest of his life.  He will have to have blood drawn every month-for the rest of his life!  What if he was denied coverage?  This is why we said yes.  So Macklin will have support all through his life.  We couldn't be more thankful for this-not only this fundraiser, but just the love in general.  I've said it multiple times, it's our whole community!  Our work families, our friends, our FAMILY and the Columbia community! People love our son, and for that I couldn't ask for anything more!

Here was the first picture I received. brought tears!

Then this-the middle one is from Mack's cousins (brown dog is a cousin too).

I didn't even know about this!  My best from high school did this without me knowing.  My dad said this one brought tears-Macky!

After the tournament, Mark and Mike picked us up and we headed to the bar where the raffle was held.

It was fun to be out and thank the people involved.

These are more friends and my dad's company!

I'm overwhelmed and never thought we would be these people.  Man I want to give back to others when we can!!

After a couple of scares, it was nice to have some fun!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you a million times!  To all that were involved and all that just love my son!!!

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