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Monday, August 12, 2013

I Let A Week Slip

Opps...I let a week slip without a post!  Our last week together (before I head back to work) ended up full of travel.  We headed to Mack's appointment on Tuesday and got to visit with my cousin and her kids.  They are finally getting old enough to play with each other!!  I love these kiddos together!  Plus, we had our moms there to help.

Mack's appointment was good.  They (the doctors) believe we are almost out of the woods for a bone marrow transplant!  They believe he is doing great and we need to stay the course.  We believe them!  He is looking and acting better and we are having less behavior issues with him-I think it's because he is starting to feel better.  They (the doctors again) told us he could go to preschool and sign him up for a beginning soccer class.  We were advised to put a tight shirt under his clothes to keep his "tubie" tight.  We will also keep a close eye on any sicknesses going around the school (luckily, I will be at the school to look out for him).  He also has the BEST teacher and I fully trust her to look out for him.  He will get extra snuggles at my school!
Here he is in his Super Cape from Dr. Meghan!!!  She is so thoughtful!

We had lunch with their cousins after his appointment and then headed back home.  The kids were exhausted! 

Then, Thursday night we headed to the lake.  My best friend from high school was on her way down with her family-it was the first time we had them all together.  What a great weekend!!  The kids (five-3 and under) got along the whole time-there were no fights and everyone slept well.  I just wish they lived closer!!!  Hopefully it will be something we do every summer...and next year we won't have babies!  The best part was bringing our kids together after so many conversations about our kids on the phone and to see them interact.  They are great friends and I cherish our time together.

 Okay...maybe Lincoln wasn't always the nicest kid!
 Not sure what we will do with him and sharing with others. 
 This was my doll house as a little girl-my mom made it!  Avery loves it-we found her playing with it in the mornings.
 How else do you wear 5 kids out?  Swimming on the dock with water balloons!

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