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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012 with The Watsons

After our time at the lake we loaded the kids up and headed to our second Christmas with Mark's side of the family.  Usually we head there around lunch time, but since we have three little ones we decided to do what worked best for our kids.  This was leaving after their naps...well that was our plan, but of course there were NO NAPS, but they were having so much fun we didn't care. 

As soon as we got in the car they all fell asleep and got the much needed rest to finish the night with more family.  When we got there they were a little out of it, but soon jumped into the fun.  They knew they were going to have another Christmas!  As you can see there was so much fun happening-Nanny and Papa H. did so much for everyone.  Once again!

Lincoln hasn't seen Ireland in a long time.  He was very interested-especially her bow!

There were a lot of trucks around!

Avery was wanting to help with her baby cousin and so excited to have another girl around.
 Then the unthinkable happened...all five kids (three and under) in matching PJ's attempted a picture together!

 I would say we got some great shots!

 We stayed up way too late and a lot of fun!  What a special end to our holiday!   My kids are going through cousin withdraw today, but we have spent ALL day in our PJ's watching movies, eating popcorn, snuggling, playing with all our new toys, and being thankful for the people around us!!!!! 
Merry Christmas!!!

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