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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012 At The Lake

I am feeling a little sad today that Christmas came and went.  This year, we had so much going on with Mack that the weeks leading up to the day flew by.  As I'm writing this I realize I haven't even sat down to add to the blog.  But as I look through our pictures, I realize how much fun we have been having as a family.

About seven years ago, my side of the family decided to celebrate one Christmas down at the lake-I have great memories from that time so we decided to do it this year.  Of course we were adding five more kids to the picture-things were different, but not any less fun.  My thought was how lucky my kids are to get to wake up with their cousins on Christmas morning!

We loaded everything in the car (that was a treat) and headed down the day before Christmas eve.  Our kids love the trip down there and get so excited about going to the lake house.  Mum and Papa were waiting for our arrival.  I have LOTS of pictures from our time and feel they tell a much better story.

Just looking at the lake

watching Polar Express

Last time we did Christmas at the lake we made ornaments.  I got this idea from a friend of mine to paint tissue paper on the ornaments with glue.  It was a fun thing for us to do together.

they turned out nice

Then the other part of our crew arrived and we headed to church

When we got back it was time for a seafood spread and gift exchange with the cousins

My mom got them matching PJ's and we tried hard to get them all together...

Mack is trying so hard-he is such a good big brother...sometimes:) Avery just isn't sure what to think:)

It was our first year to leave Santa some cookies.  Avery was learning about it from her big cousins

And then a crazy thing happened...Santa stopped by!

The adults were left with time alone to exchange gifts.

 Then the morning arrived and they woke up!!!

What lucky kids we have!  This time will always be treasured and we hope to instill in them how blessed they are...not only for the "things" they received, but for how much love and support they have around them.  They won't always be little and they won't always have this much time to give to each other, but for now we are happy to spend this special time as a family. 

As Avery would say, "Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!"  We are working on the true meaning of Christmas-our faith has helped us through a very hard time and we have so much to celebrate with the birth of Jesus Christ! Merry Christmas!

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