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Monday, September 3, 2012

Our Charming Macklin Turns 2

Dear Sweet Mack,
You turned two! I can't believe how fast those two years have gone and how much you have changed as a person. You came into this world so peaceful and joined our family. As the years moved on you have developed the most amazing personality. You know you're funny and are always trying new things. We are always watching you and amazed by how you have no fear of life! You have made us throw the parenting books out the door and relax and enjoy who you are as an individual. Everyday we learn something new from you.  Turning two was a big deal and we loved celebrating it with you.

 You had a very special day. Let me show you...
The presents were waiting for you when you woke up.
You and your best bud dined together.
Then Nanny came over to watch Avery and Lincoln so we could go to lunch with just you.  Mum and Papa came into town to join us.  We went out to eat and they gave you your first tool bench.

Then when daddy got home from work it was time to open presents!

You love your new scooter and so does Avery.

After we opened all your presents we picked up Nanny and headed to get yummy pizza.

Look at the cool picture daddy got to hang in the restaurant.  You were impressed!
The day didn't end there (even though you were very tired) Nanny had presents waiting at her house.  You got more tools and  lots of fun toys-we also sang you happy birthday.

We had so many cupcakes and pieces of cake the week before-Nanny thought you would like some ice cream and you loved it.

It blows my mind that two years ago we were welcoming you into our family and now I couldn't imagine our lives being any different.  Thank you Mack for the joy you give us as parents.  We are so proud of who you have become.  We love you THIS much!

Mom and Dad

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