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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Weekend of Fun-Aren't They All?

It probably sounds like every weekend is fun-at least that's what I want to remember and that's what I want my kids to remember. So, once again we headed out of town for the STL. There was lots to celebrate! My brother's birthday was celebrated on Friday night.  We all got together at my parents place and the kids played until way too late, but isn't that what cousins are for?  They also ended up spending the night-we got to wake up together in the morning.
After we all got our footing (thanks to my dad's famous margaritas) Mark took the kids on a train ride.  Avery has been wanting to ride a blue train, so an easy (and cheap) solution...the Metro Link!  It luckily had some blue on it and they went in the morning when their wasn't too many interesting people on it.
They loved it!  This is them waiting for the train-I took these from my parents window.  Kind of far away, but I was able to zoom in.

When they got back and Lincoln woke up my parents and our niece Millie joined us for a walk downtown.  Our goal was to head to the Arch and have a picnic, but instead we stopped by the City Gardens and ate lunch out.  I love this city for the fun things to do right outside my parents place!

The fire fighters were having a memorial-This picture couldn't be any more perfect.

We weren't done yet.  Another celebration was for my cousin Abra and her new little boy.  She has two girls and is expecting her first boy, so we all got together at my Aunts new house to sprinkle her with some boy items.  I took Avery and Lincoln and Mack stayed with the guys and Gretchen.  Avery was off as soon as she got warmed up and I didn't see her much.  Too many cousins to play with!

I am very thankful to be rubbing her belly and not my own!

It was another weekend of fun.  This was the last weekend before all our wedding celebrations begin.  I'm not sure how much blogging I'll be doing in between work, parties, and being a mom!

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