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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Princess Avery Turns Three

Dear Princess Avery,
(If anyone refers to you as anyone or thing else you are quick to remind them it's princess Avery!)

Three years ago mommy and daddy were heading to a regular doctors visit-you weren't due for another three weeks, but mommy was swelling up HUGE!  After about ten minutes into the appointment we learned we were having our baby girl that day or the next!  On our way to the hospital (it's across the street) we called all our family and let them know it was happening.  After many test they let us wait until the next day.  We started the process early in the morning and by 5:55 p.m. you were born.  We had never seen such an amazing beautiful little girl!  You were and still are everything we have ever wanted!!!  HAPPY THIRD BIRTHDAY!

Here is a photo gallery of your special day-which included your first day of preschool:

Breakfast with your best bud!  He was so sad to see you go.

We got to drive to work together.  Then you got to hang out in mommy's classroom-you weren't sure what was really going on.

Still happy...

Life is good with both mom and dad

You knew where your cubby was


You were starting to figure out what was about to happen.  At this point mommy and daddy left and you flipped out!  You made it for a few hours until...

your two grandmas rescued you!  Not many little girls have BOTH their grandmas with them on their first day of school!

You opened some presents and ate lunch with them.
 And took a little ride on the swing!

When mommy and daddy got home from work we put together your HUGE princess bed!  (must get pictures of that later) Then we opened more presents.

Nanny stopped by and had dinner with us and brought more presents!

Then it was cupcake time!

 So cheers to you for three years of life!  We love you and can't wait for many many more birthdays!
Mom and Dad

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