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Sunday, April 3, 2011

How to Kick off Spring

AWWWW! Spring is finally here. I love this time of year and am loving it more now that I am a mom. We can finally get outside and it means we are closer to having the summer off together. Avery and Mack are changing everyday and it makes me sad to not always be with them. So when I had a chance to have a week off with them I was so excited. What a better way to spend our time off together then to go to St. Louis to be with my family?

After Mark, My dad and myself ran our 5K (which has made me addicted to running) my parents took us back home with them. It was a VERY full car and a tight squeeze (you would understand if you ever saw how big our double stroller is). As soon as we arrived Avery took charge and Mack was happy to get carried around watching his sister. Brent and Sarah brought the girls over for our first night. It is a riot to have 5 grand babies running around and gave us a glimpse as to what it will be like in Italy! We wouldn't have it any other way!

Grandma bought matching PJ's-they were a little distracted by the new 3D projector Papa has put in!
I love this picture of my little man. If your wondering, this is how he always is! HAPPY!
Okay maybe not at this moment...Poor guy!

After that evening my babies were tired (as always-I keep them on a tight schedule so they are not flexible! I am okay with this because it works well when we are home)! The next day we played at home and hit up Target. That night it was off to Rigazzis-a family favorite! It was Millie's 6th birthday celebration!

Starting this Tuesday I am teaching swim lessons at a local pool here. So I figured I should practice with Avery! I have never been so impressed-Okay a little exaggerated due to the other amazing things she does-but she was so comfortable in the water. She puts her face in, jumps off the side of the pool and floats on her back! Mack loved the feel on his legs and watched the other kids playing.

I don't have pictures, but this momma got some time too! I got an amazing mani and pedi and got to got to opening day with my parents. The kids had a sleep over at Brent and Sarah's house-I am so thankful and know how busy it must have been! Thank you!

Then the week finished off with Millie's birthday party at the City Museum in St. Louis. If you have not been should! It was incredible! My two were a little too young for it and it was very over stimulating for them, but below are a few of them playing on the slides...

and Mack barfed right after this picture!!!!
I didn't dress right for this action!
"Oh wait let me have a snack!" Grandma (or as Avery says Ma'ma) had fun too!

Oh! I forgot to include our time at Forest Park. We were going to head to the Magic house, but decided that would be a lot to try to do in one day (the Museum was that night). So we made a picnic and headed out. It was really cold so Mack was not dressed right, but it made for some amazing pictures!

At first it sounded like he was crying, but it was him laughing really hard!
Lucie is such a great cousin!
This was Papa and Avery heading down the hallway. I thought it was so cute! They walk the same!

I am thankful to live so close to my family and wish we could have this time everyday, but for now, we will just have to invade their house and take over! Thank you for all the fun memories Crittenden family! The Watsons Love you!!!!!

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