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Thursday, March 3, 2011

How the Watsons Prepare to leave their Kids

My family and friends know I am an organized person (maybe a little obsessive), but I have created this 3 ring binder because since I have gone back to work we leave our kids at home with a wonderful nanny. I wanted to keep our kids on a schedule as well as learn what they do each day! So what would a parent include in a binder? I broke the binder up into sections; a place for Avery, a place for Mack, Medical Release, and ideas for activities (but Miss Mallory has thought of some wonderful activities on her own) Below I am showing you what each section looks like:


Schedule: (this schedule will change daily depending on the time she wakes up)
7:30-9:00-she wakes up and has a bottle of whole milk
9:00-eats breakfast-she loves turkey sausages, cream of wheat mixed with milk, applesauce and cinnamon, or yogurt. (usually will need another diaper change)
9:30-12:00-gets dressed, plays, any activities planned for that day. Don’t forget about diaper changes (with the cloth it’s every 2 hours)
12:00-lunch-anything you feel like making (just healthy things)
1:00-3:30/4:00-takes a nap
• when you put her down, she has a diaper change, then gets her blanket and we walk over to turn on the music (just hit play). I put her down on her pillow and say good bye. She usually just goes to sleep. If she does cry let her cry, but no longer than 20 min. If she is still crying after 20 min, check on her.
3:30/4:00-wakes up and has another diaper change and comes downstairs (or plays upstairs) with a small snack (crackers, banana, or whatever you can find)

• loves to have a bottle when she wakes up and goes to bed (8 oz of whole milk)
• Her blanket is her security
• Any fruit! We have to watch how much because she gets horrible diaper rashes
• Loves to build things with toys
• Enjoys listening and exploring with books
• Loves meat!
• To take care of her brother and give kisses (just be careful of hitting)
• Playing on the swing and riding in her wagon (or pushing it)
• Loves to dance

• Hates to have her diaper changed (usually because it hurts)
• Hates to be made to do things (look under frustration as a goal)

• Book handling skills
• Stacking
• Fine motor skills (i.e. pinching, tearing, pulling)
• Letters
• Counting (I just count all the time when we are playing-especially when we are cleaning up)
• Frustration-Finding words to use
• Table manners-eating meals at table
• Shapes


Macklin (Mack)

Schedule: Here is an example of a perfect day, but we know that never happens!
7:30 a.m. eat 6 oz bottle and then he plays and can have some food (cereal)
8:30-9:00 lay down for nap. It is helpful to put him down when he is awake. He sleeps in his sleeper.
10:00 a.m. eat 4 oz bottle (if he seems hungry try another 2 oz) and work on playing with a rattle or have fun with other toys while Avery plays-he is happy to be next to you.
12:00 lunch-whatever is in the freezer
1:00 eat 4 oz bottle and lay down for a nap (after burping)
4:30 eat 4 oz bottle and play
5:00 (only sometimes) nap

• To make eye contact and talk to you
• Loves to hear you talk and sing
• He enjoys watching Avery
• Likes his swing and looking at his bears

• Hates to be put down and left 
Doesn’t like to not have his hands

• Is learning to sooth himself with his hands or blanket
• Tummy time and rolling over
• Sitting up and grasping for small objects
• Eating food
• Trying Mum-Mums
• Eating cereal
• Clapping hands
• Listening to books be read out loud and feeling pages
• Place interesting toys just out of reach to encourage him to move towards them. You can do this when he is sitting or on his tummy
• Put pressure on legs when standing up
Medical Release
March 1, 2011

To whom It May Concern:

We Elizabeth and Mark Watson, parents/guardians of Avery and Macklin Watson hereby grant _____________________ the power to authorize medical treatment in the event of an emergency.

Elizabeth Watson

Mark Watson

(Attached is a copy of each insurance cards)


Playdough- you can even make it
• Basic ingredient ratios:
2 cups flour
2 cups warm water
1 cup salt
2 Tablespoons vegetable oil
1 Tablespoon cream of tartar (optional for improved elasticity)

Pipe cleaners in a bottle:
• Let them put the pipe cleaners in and out of the box

Clothes pins
• Have them pin them onto a side of a bucket
• Work on colors

Cotton balls in rice
• Let her/him dig out the puffs using a spoon.

Any of the games or manipulatives upstairs in closet


Dancing to the music in Avery’s room-lots of movement

Blowing bubbles through straw

Story telling-take a well known book and act it out using hand gestures

Making nature collages-walk outside and pick up fun things then glue it all on paper

Work on jumping/hopping/skipping with Avery

Peek-a-boo or hiding an object under a blanket for Mack

Making Gak: Liquid Starch and Glue

Clean Mud (when the weather gets better)-toilet paper and dove soap with water

A Glimpse into Macklin’s Day-Miss Mallory fills this out each day and they are so detailed
(I couldn't get the graph to transfer)

Diaper Changes Bottles Something Funny/Interesting I did… Food




A Glimpse into Avery's Day

What I ate today... Songs I sang... Books I read... Something interesting I did...

I decided to post this because I had many people interested in what I did. I hope this helps other families when leaving their kids with other people. It has really helped us and I love looking at it everyday when I get home. It is also a great tool to communicate back and forth between us and our nanny (I am always in a rush in the morning and I forget to tell her things).

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