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Monday, March 28, 2011

Busy Times

Our kids don't have many playdates because they're always busy playing with cousins. I wanted to share some of the most resent times-I will have a lot more after this week because we are on spring break and are enjoying our time in St. Louis. The first pictures are from a night spent with Cohan. Mark and his brothers were working on pouring a new driveway for Scott and Heidi, so we came over to play. Then we decided to put them into the bath together. Aunt Heidi put the title behind them-so cute! They had fun and it wore them out!
Then there was a day when Miss Mallory had to miss and my mom came to watch Avery and Mack. Millie joined them as well and they had a blast! Millie was so tired after taking care of them.

Uncle Mark loves to make pancakes and the girls love to eat them
Mack is very excited!
They are too cute!
Here is another night that Cohan came over to our house. We ate dinner together and then spent time playing
I had to include this picture-GRRRRR
Finally, we got the three of them!

Below are some videos:

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