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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Our Girl Turns 5!!

Another year has passed and I can't believe our first baby turned 5.  I sound like a broken record each year, but it went very fast.

  She has turned into such an amazing girl.  Avery is kind to others and has the ability to work hard at things she wants.  She will spend hours doing puzzles, drawing, or using her imagination.  This girl is one smart cookie and we are proud of who she is becoming.  At 5 her personality has shifted-she has become much more independent and enjoys her time with friends and family.  She used to be VERY shy and now says goodbye to me as I drop her off at a friend or cousin's house.  There are much more hellos to other people around her and she has developed wonderful relationships with the people around her.  

So, when her party felt as if I was doing too much, I thought about all the things above and knew she deserved it.  We let Avery pick the theme this year and what do you know...

It was FROZEN.  Last year was a Princess party (which we combined with Mack's birthday) so at least she was more specific on this time.
She wanted it at Nanny and Papa H's pool where the kids could swim and we could have a big area to spread out.  I didn't stress too much this year getting it ready and knew I would have a lot of help the day of the party.

  Avery wanted a taco bar, so besides transporting it all, it was rather easy to get all the supplies.  Papa and Daddy stayed at home getting all the meat cooked and getting the kids out the door.  It was a little hectic, but they got it all done and brought some yummy taco meat!

The weather was a little iffy and I was worried it would a pool party, so at the last minute I thought of some indoor activities such as; build your own Olaf and pin the nose on Olaf. 

We had a make your own Olaf station using bananas.  

We had Olaf noses (cheese puffs)

Thank goodness for help with the decoration from my mom and sister-in-law because the place looked great!

This was the first year we invited more than one friend.  Avery had a few girls from her class...the rest were cousins.

and of course Baby Charlotte and Baby Kalen (must have missed the camera) attended with their sweet parents! 

Miss Rachel is Meme's (our nanny) sister and she fills in for Meme on occasion.  The kids adore her.

Avery got fake glasses and she loves them because she matches her cousin Lucie!

There was lots of dancing, swimming, running, and the occasional tickle attack!

The Mum and Nanny always helping out at the birthday parties.  Thank you ladies and thank you to all who attended!

Then we celebrated her actual birthday.  I had to work that day, but as soon as I got home we loaded up the car with pizzas and headed to a friends pool.  It was a very hot day!

My pictures are not in order, but before we went swimming the boys gave Avery her presents!

Papa H. and Nanny came over for some deserts and opening presents.

During the day she got to have lunch with her cousin Ireland and Nanny.

Mark and I got to go too! Of course we had tacos!

What a great 5th birthday.  Happy birthday Avery.  We couldn't imagine our lives without you!!!!

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