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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Macklin Is 4!

Birthday weekend is what Mack experienced! This boy has jumped through hoops to get where he is. Life is good for Mack and everyday he grows. He is no longer seen or treated like a "sick" kid. His 4th year of life is his year! He has learned to swim independently and could live in the water. Mack loves his equipment and will spend hours digging in the garden with his excavator and dump truck. He LOVES his siblings in different ways-Avery is his go to buddy. They act just like twins and depend on each other in social situations. Lincoln has now become his buddy and they play for hours (in the dirt). I love watching a brother relationship develop between them.
The weekend started with a lunch at Chucky Cheese with: Nanny, Ireland, Papa H, aunt Molly and daddy (I had to teach a class at that time:()
The next day his Aunt Heidi asked if we could go to the pool with his cousins. It was the perfect activity because Mark met my brother to pick up our other nieces to surprise Mack! 
Mark and Avery drove half way to get the other cousins while the boys and I chilled with cousins!
Mack woke up to a house full! 
That afternoon my parents-Mum and Papa picked him up for a special treat!!

He went on a dinner train! They took a three hour train ride with Mack. He did great! It was long and no other kids, but the experience will be something to remember!
The next morning we had a house full of cousins and a Mum and Papa! We had lots of help! Mack said he wanted a lot of things for his party. I went with firetrucks! This was fun to set up and probably the easiest party!

A few of weeks ago I purchased this blow up slide for cheap! It has paid for itself!!

Millie is 9 years old now!!! She's a huge help and held baby Charlotte for a long time.  
Lincoln and Cohan dug in the dirt.
Awww the two moms!

Ireland was ready for cake!
Kalen was excited!
It was the perfect weekend to remember such a special boy!!

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