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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

That's a Wrap

Our school year came to an end on Thursday and I couldn't be more ready!  We had a busy week leading up to a busy weekend.  First the kids got to play with a friend we haven't seen in a long time.  They played outside until dark and that's when it hit me-summer nights are upon us!
The next day we were invited to an event where the kids could go on a bounce house, get their face painted (which they never want to do) and fish.  They enjoyed the lake even though they didn't swim in it.  It amazes me how much they entertain each other. 

On Sunday we finally made it to the nursery where we were able to get EVERYTHING we needed for our garden.  The kids were very helpful picking out plants.

This year it was my goal to add more flowers to our yard.  I am not a flower person and have never been about potting plants.  I want to kids to appreciate gardening for the veggies and fruit, but also for the beauty in flowers.  They all picked unique flowers out and we shall see how everything holds up.

Then Thursday was here fast!  I have to leave before the kids get dressed so I love seeing pictures and sneaking peeks of them at school.  I got these adorable pictures of their last day of preschool.  Granted Avery still has one more year and Mack has two more, but it was their last year in the same least until Mack comes to Kindergarten!

Our preschool won Preschool of the year.  That came with a bounce house on our playground, a balloon artist, and Shaved ice!
I love the kid in front of Mack-so annoyed with my picture taking.

Of course mommy was able to give the three of them a long time in the house by themselves and Lincoln had a blast!
Our first day off included relaxing in the morning and then heading to the park with Kalen and Miss Lindsey!

Up next Memorial Day weekend!!! 

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