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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Fluttering Duckling

The night before all our excitement with Mack, our Avery put on a show!
We had to master the perfect bun, dab a little makeup on, and get her to the studio Friday night. 

She was a duckling in Peter in the Wolf.  She looked so cute in her outfit and loved spending time with her BFF-Annabelle

Back stage was exciting and when it was time for me to go, she said bye and hung out with her friends.

We love these two!

At the last minute her costume busted-so the duck (a young girl) asked if she could sew it up for her.  I'm so impressed with these dancers.  They are great role models and amazing dancers.

Mum and Nanny got the only seats in the family.  That came with the responsibilities of holding both boys:)  My dad was standing behind and the rest of the Watson family was...

on the floor scrunched up.  I don't think they anticipated that many people!

Cohan and Ireland came to watch with the Aunts and Uncles. 

After some time, Avery made her entrance.

She did great and was on point with the routine!

I thought she would be very shy, but she didn't mind being on stage.

This was a short clip of the show and the big show is in June-I'm not sure if she can do it since my brain was out of sorts and I signed her up for a camp at the zoo...I don't think she will be too disappointed though since she wants to take a break from dance.  Our next stop is RELAXING this summer and taking it easy and then she can decide what's next.  It was fun seeing her in action!

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