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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Sunday Funday

Mother's Day has always been a celebration of our moms and this year was no different, except it was a VERY special day for me as well!  Mark and the kids made my weekend amazing.  I got done with my long run on Saturday morning and was surprised with a pedi and mani with my daughter.  So off we went to spend time together.  She is such a fun girl to hang with and I'm so thankful to have a daughter.  She sat and got her nails and toes done all while telling the ladies how hard it is to have brothers. 

But I keep reminding her how boring our lives would be without our guys.  They warm our hearts everyday.

They all participated in a craft for the grandmothers-I'm missing Mack's picture of him holding a heart with his gorgeous smile.

We spent the day relaxing and then our family arrived.  The kids were so excited to share the gifts with Mum and Nanny.

We absolutely lucked out because my sister-in-law and brother were driving back from her sister's wedding and they decided to come join us as well.

The boys built me my new extended garden.  I have now planted: Brussels sprouts, lettuce, herbs, peppers, squash, cucumbers, and every kind of tomatoes.  Mark just planted sweet corn as well! AND our strawberries from last year are huge.

Of course we cooked a feast!

The entire day was spent outside.

Papa did what I don't enjoy...

Greta is so fun!  She is dressed up and singing the ENTIRE song of frozen.  It seems to run in the family since we got the cutest video of Ireland doing it too!

Nanny was there as well and we are even more thrilled we got this time with her since our Papa H. has been sick and in the hospital.  I am glad we had her there with us before the bad hit.

It was more of a Sunday Funday.  I enjoyed myself so much this year and want it to be like this every year!  Mark you really our did yourself!

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