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Monday, March 3, 2014

Our Youngest Turns Two

I haven't finished Lincoln's birthday party post because I am without my camera, so I'm collecting pictures from all our family members (thank you). 
This past Thursday Lincoln had his real birthday...
He turned TWO!!!

We started the morning off with a dinning room full of streamers that daddy set up the night before!
And of course we had our family birthday sign hung!
Then, as soon as we got home from work, we had a family party.  Nanny and Papa H. came over and gave Lincoln a picnic bench.  It hasn't left our dinning room and has been a perfect eating/craft station. 
as a side note, Mack was pretty excited he got himself all dressed up.  I'm pretty sure he won't be too happy when he gets older and looks back at these pictures.
I didn't think it was true when people talked about guns and little boys.  I truly believed it was a learned behavior.  Nope EVERYTHING becomes a weapon followed by BAM BAM!  An umbrella-who knew?
Then we made homemade pizzas.  When I asked Lincoln what he wanted to eat he didn't answer and kept telling me no when I suggested something and then he yelled PIZZA!
The new table in action!
Then it was cake time!

Meme got him some new ball socks.
It's hard to get a picture with our little bug.
He LOVED the singing.  He even has the blowing out candles fact he blew them out in the middle of his song:)
How many times do you turn two?  So if you want to put your hand in the cake, have at it!
Family photo!
The day was full of celebration.  He got to go to the mall with Meme and play, then have his family together for some more celebrating.  He was thrilled to share the evening with Nanny and Papa H.!  Thank you for coming over and for the new bench!
Happy Birthday to LINCOLN!!!

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