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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

National Disease Day

I wrote this a week ago...0
I have felt comfort with our success with Mack. He is an amazing little warrior who has jumped through hoops to be where he is today.  This past week brought back some emotions and I wanted to share them on this blog, so when we look back at these post, we can see the whole journey.

Like I stated, I have felt comfort until this past week-this past week brought back some strange emotions I thought were gone.  These strange emotions were driven from situations. One being our baby turned two-Mack started this journey when Lincoln was only nine months old. I was away from my baby this year a lot.  He is truly an amazing addition to our family and was strong when we had to be away!  We celebrated his day with happiness of the little boy he is becoming, but I was also wanting to celebrate the future.  His future that both his parents will get to be more present.  His birthday stories will be shared soon! There are a lot of pictures to sort through.

Then, our local hospital was sharing amazing stories of families who have had horrible hardships and were able to come out the other end with a success stories. This was for a fundraiser for the hospital. I had to turn it off at times.

On Friday we learned it was National Rare Disease Day. I'm not sure if Mack falls into this category, but these things make my emotions flare up.  The same emotions I try to sweep under the rug.

Mack has a success story, but not fully. It's just not over! I was talking to a close friend going through a hardship and I was so emotional. She has lost someone and I have my Mack-both situations are hard to have closure. I wish so much I could feel closure.  I wish I could only look at the positive-he is getting better and he will get his tube out, but it's hard to forget the story leading to this day. It's hard to realize things aren't over!  This past year and a half will never be healed.  I think we can move on and not talk about it all the time, but it has changed us in a way I can't explain.

It also hit me we ARE those people who are in those National Rare Disease Days!  I realized too late it was a day to wear jeans in honor of those who have rare diseases to bring awareness to a national level! I have to take all these situations as a healing processes. They will all bring me to a place that will help me feel closure. So instead of becoming emotional, I should celebrate every little miracle that has been placed in so many families. God has away to help you heal.

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