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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Slight Change in Our Weekend

We started our weekend off as a "normal" weekend. I did my long run-only 10 more weeks until my race...I am still in disbelief! Except after two years of having a baby, I finally feel fantastic running. I've never been a runner! I was a swimmer, which isn't an easy sport  to compete at an older age. My drive now is running and swimming once a week just helps in my long term goal!
Once I got home I scooped up my little ballerina for dance practice. She will be performing in Peter And The Wolf at the end of this month. If you know Avery this is a huge step!! Dance two days a week with no tears and actually practices at home. She will be a duckling!

After dance, we got to have lunch with our great friends. It was nice to be with our little girls and good conversation! I surprised the kids when we got home-it was a lake kind of day!!! It was right during nap time:

My parents had been gone for two weeks, so we decided to give daddy a night off and I brought them down to spend a nice day at our favorite spot!

Avery and my mom spent about 45 minutes on this puzzle. They finished it, minus one piece. It was for older kids, but Avery was determined to have it done and was able to do most of it by herself!

Then we got them all outside! It was the best weather!

This is the time I sit back and try to capture it.

The next picture is my all time favorite! I never had these moments with grandparents. My kids are so blessed to have these opportunities on both sides! I will never turn down a time to spend with our family. Life is short and these relationships will mold them into the people I want them to be!

It may have been a change to our weekend at home, but we have plenty of time to have weekends alone! 
Who's ready for summer???

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