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Friday, February 21, 2014

Just in Time for Another Weekend

Not only did I forget my camera at my brother's house, but I didn't even use it while I was there!  All I have are pictures from my phone...

We went to St. Louis this past weekend to visit family for Valentine's Day, my birthday, and my niece's birthday.  It was a weekend away full of time together and time for Mark and I to relax.  Friday night we had a babysitter (Miss Kristina) watch all six cousins.  We had time out and then came home to all six kids asleep!  She is amazing.

Saturday was very relaxed.  My mom and I got to spend time together shopping and the kids rested.  Avery was not acting right and started a small temp.  I was a little concerned because we have had kids out all week at school for many things.  We went to the party that night, but she wouldn't do anything and just laid on the couch.  After the party Mark and I went out to the Hill (Which is an amazing place where every restaurant is Italian).  When we came home all three were asleep-two in my parents room! 

On Sunday morning we headed home to have a little family celebration for me. 
This is what Emily did with the kids-I love that Mack loves his teacher...he also added Ranch!
But this little girl didn't feel well at all!
My Celine (and Mike) came over to visit and enjoy some pizza!
I got presents-I got a Fitbit!! 
I am not a sweet eater, so Mark was creative and made me the best fruit smoothie and put candles around the cup.  The best part was the kids could have as much as they wanted!
So the night ended and it was back to work for my on Monday, but I called the doctor for Avery because I was worried she had Strep throat.  Mark took her in and sure enough she did...
The doctor gave medicine for her and Lincoln because of Mack. We kept them home all week and Mack is at the lake with my parents to keep him safe.  The other two are doing MUCH better and the house has been bleached just in time for Lincoln's 2nd birthday party this weekend!
We were trying to be funny with our eyes wide open...but I think it's cute!


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