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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Trucks and Tiaras

This year we decided to have their birthday parties on the same day, but we did two different themes.  It has been easy up until now to do the same thing-now they are developing their own interests.  Avery wanted princess (shocking) and Mack wanted trucks (this changed weekly, but we went with trucks).  It was fun to plan special details for each.  It was also a lot of work!!

They are both great kids and deserve special detail.

 In the kitchen and outside were the truck themed decorations.  We had dip sticks and spare tires!
 The dinning room and living room were filled with princess objects! 
 There were manis and face paint offered.
 We laid out jewelry, tutus, tiaras, and much more!
 Aunt Sarah did their cakes-holy moly!!!  She is amazing at this!  We can't thank her enough!

 This year we invited a few friends, but it was mostly family-which has 5 cousins!!
 Annabelle is a good friend of Averys' from school.

 My dear friend Rachel stopped by with her two babies!
 We only had one other boy there-Luckily, it was their cousin Cohan.  Mack was happy to have him there!  Haha, but the girls loved the trucks too.

 My dad and brother grilled hamburgers and hotdogs.

 We are very blessed to have lots of equipment at anytime.  Some was from Mark and this piece was from our next door neighbor.

 Their cakes were absolutely beautiful.

 They were spoiled as usual.

 The kids also got to ride in a golf cart.
 Uncle Jack and Aunt Meagan got Mack a scooter-it's been a huge hit.

 We had lots of adults helping to make this day fun.  I think every kid had a blast!

 Then, at the end Mr. Seth gave the kids a real ride.  It was like a roller coaster spinning around!

 Avery and Mack were exhausted!  It took us awhile to catch up on sleep after a party like that!

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