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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dry Tears? No Such Thing!


I recorded his (Mack) progress...did I mention how I hate to do it? As soon as I did celebrate, his numbers dropped...a lot.  

I have found a running partner in the mornings and we have started to have some good talks-it's so healthy!  Today I brought this up-I was really down, and she said, "if you don't celebrate the little things you would go crazy!"  I completely agree, but it doesn't make it any easier.  I just feel if I don't celebrate it will stay good!  Many, many times someone asks about Mack...the next day (after I say he's great) he ends up in the hospital.

We went to the doctor for our 4 and 3 year checkups as well as Lincoln's 18 month.  It went great!  We left (for the first time) with no prescriptions!  All Healthy!  Our doctor gave Avery her kindergarten shots which are live shots.  He said since Mack's numbers were so great it would be fine.  He also stated that if we wait, we would encounter times when Mack's numbers were low...I laughed!  No way!  We were on our way up!  Then Wednesday came around-I should have known something was off because the phone call was later in the day (obviously they were talking about it).  In the end the drop is no big deal to the doctors, but to is emotional!

My aunt (who has beat cancer twice!) randomly sent this to me with no knowledge about Mack's new numbers this week!

Here I am, at work, in the bathroom...tears rolling down my face.  It might mean more because it came from my Aunt! She is so strong!  I immediately sent it to a dear friend going through a VERY hard time.  This means so much and goes deep into what I'm feeling.  It might even help someone else reading this blog.  Mack is STRONG!  We are a family who will get through this emotional roller coaster!

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