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Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That!

It came and it went...

This Saturday we celebrated Mack and Avery's birthday with close friends and family.  This was the last year we could have their parties together, so we went big.  I picked the theme Cat in The Hat because they love to watch this show on PBS and it is very fun the have a theme in mind.  Since they are 12 months apart I consider them to be like twins and Thing one and Thing two's actions kind of sums up how they play together:)

  I started planning a few months ago (or maybe earlier) and with the help of both our families we pulled it off!  Luckily we have family close to us because Jane (nanny) came over in the morning so I could get the cleaning done and helped with last minute projects (thank you) and then my parents came in the afternoon to help set everything up and brought a ton of "supplies" (thank you). 

When Mack and Avery woke up from their naps this is what they found...
Hats for everyone to decorate
Of course they found all the chips and candy first

This is the teacher in me!

The Cat always makes a mess, so there was painting.

What's a party without a snow cone machine?  Mark even borrowed an ice trailer!

This was from Pintrest and so easy to make.  Oreos, red gummy life savors, and white frosting!

I made shirts for all three of them

I ordered these labels from Etsy and Mark worked to have them printed.

This year I was NOT going to try and make a cake or have my wonderful sister-in-law Sarah make one.  Last year (Monster Party) she spent so much time creating amazing pieces and then they were gone in a split second.

So we ordered them.

Lincoln's shirt says, "My Sister Turns 3 and Brother Turns 2."

The painting was a hit!

I love these pictures.

Since they are two separate people they both had their own Happy Birthday songs.  It was cute because Avery knew when it was her turn and when it was his.

Thank you to my mom and sister-in-law Sarah, we had Pin the Hat on the Cat!

Since Avery calls Princess Aurora Princess Avery she was showered with princess gifts

Mack was a little out of sorts at this point...two snow cones, cake, candy...and who knows what else, so he opened all his cool toys this morning and has been playing all day.  In the background you can see the trunk my mom made!  It is like every little girls dream-I will get better pictures of it later and maybe have her type about how she made it.
This is everyone circled around her as she opened her princess trunk.

I just can't believe after all that planning it's over.  We had a blast and so did they.  Tomorrow will be Avery's real birthday (and first day of preschool) and Mack's is on Friday.  So the celebrations have only begun!  Thank you to everyone that came out to celebrate with us!  We LOVED seeing everyone and LOVED having you there!!!!

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  1. What a cute party! Happy birthday to your little ones.